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Caribbean girls to produce thaws in Moscow
The Cuban rhythms interpreted in Moscow, by the Cuban female orchestra Caribes Girls (Caribbean Girls) made hundreds of people forget about the light frost that is invading this capital city at the beginning of the winter.

It is fair to call accomplices instead of spectators to the workers of the Cuban embassy in Russia as well as the Russian people who make up the solidarity groups with Cuba, who never stopped dancing for nearly two hours.

Since the opening of the concert in the United Russia Theater with the band theme with a conga rhythm, the girls lead by the keyboard player Thiving Guerra showed their credentials of the show they would offer.

Afterwards, the well fitted voices of the choirs and soloists the three singers, the power and the tuning of the two trombones in the mambos and the contemporary harmony of the orchestrations, but with the rhythmic taste of the roots, made the room burn.

There has to be a different mention for the variety of different rhythms offered by a young and good band made up by a drummer, a conga player and a bass player educated in the Cuban national system of artistic teaching.

If the son, timba and regueton versions of famous international themes caused enormous enthusiasm, it was even more with the themes that were inspired by Cuban authors.

The presentation of some of the proposals for the second album that is being prepared by those ten young women, together with the Cuban producer who received a Grammy Award, Joaquín Betancourt, produced a los of dancing and a "train" around the entire theater which included hundreds of persons.

Premieres such as Cariñito, La Habana, El Caracolito and versions of No me parezco a nadie (I dont look like anybody) and El quimbombó - a tribute to the son singer Félix Chappotín"still enjoy the preference of the national and foreign public and made the bis necessary.

Sententious, a Cuban diplomat declared a categorical verdict about the performance of the Caribbean Girls, while he cleaned his forehead with a handkerchief. It seems to me as if I was coming out of the Benny Moré Pink Room, in Havana. Something like the Mecca for dancers.


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