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Fidel Castro s New Year Message to Cubans
President Fidel Castro sent a message to the Cuban people on occasion of the 49th Anniversary of the Revolution, which permitted the country to rule its own destiny for the first time.

In the text the Cuban leader highlights this nation entered the 50th year of the Revolution, which symbolizes half a century of heroic resistance.

If I have the rare privilege to address you again is because you saw in this citizen a person who always told the truth, which more than a merit is a sacred duty, says the President.

Lets proudly proclaim to the world this record that make us worthy of the fairest claim: the respect for its right to live and to the clean joy of our motherland, he affirmed.

For this right we will fight to the death. For Cubans, more than a

century ago, Marti proclaimed: "Motherland is humanity," concludes the message headlined by Granma on Tuesday.


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