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Technological Holdover in Holguin Declared National Monument
The mining inclined plane rail system in Mayari municipality, Holguin province, has just been declared National Monument for it is a technological relic.

The system is assembled at the slope descending Pinares plateau down towards the same-named valley. The award ceremony is to be held on Wednesday, January 2nd, stated Freya Matos, official from the National Board for Monuments, CNM in Spanish.

The facility, built between 1906 and 1909, carried laterite 2.8 miles downhill. The complex system brought the empty wagons uphill wit hthe power of the descending cargo.

By that time these mines drew laterite for the The Spanish American Iron Co., later nationalized by the revolutionary process to become the current Comandante Rene Ramos Latour Nickel Mining Enterprise.
The system was replaced by a belt conveyor only on March 8th, 2006.
The National Board declared the facility National Monument at the same time with the complex composed by the remains of the royal sunk fence, the Fernando VII water line and the Albear water line; and the Ernesto Triolet French chemist shop, now pharmaceutical museum.

In Cuba there are 220 national monuments, including cities downtown areas, natural sites, and buildings.


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