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Camping Fun for A Million Cubans
Over a million Cubans enjoyed camping this year, confirming this type of family recreation as the favorite of the Cuban family.

Some 300,000 people visited the northern coast of Havana Province, said Eduardo Tirado, president of the camping business world, in a press conference in La Cueva de los Portales, in Pinar del Rio.

The increased demand means 79 of the country"s existing facilities are now insufficient, he noted.

Besides families, camping as a healthy form of recreation attracts young people, housewives and retirees.

As a new experience, in January between Mondays and Thursdays, there will be excursions available to places related to nature, culture and Cuban history, as a stimulus to students and workers.

Among the trips will be the Model Prison in the Isle of Youth, Moncada Garrison and climbing Turquino Peak, Julio Martinez Ramirez, first secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC).


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