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Mercantile Production Increases in Las Tunas this Year
The systematic work of several industries of the metallurgy and of the construction, in this eastern province of Las Tunas facilitated an increment of the mercantile production in 68. 8 million Cuban pesos in this year in connection with the same period of 2006.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that determinant for this achievement constituted the plants of Stainless Steel and of Metallic Structures, Hydraulic Resources, the Food and Light industries, and the Ministry of the Construction.

"In spite of this increment the results could be better if other entities have adopted measured on time to avoid losses and to increase productions to substitute imports", stated Jorge Cuevas, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the territory.

During the 13th Plenary of Provincial the Committee of the PCC, the leader pointed out that the climatic setbacks that paralyzed the harvest in the current year affected seriously the mercantile production in Las Tunas, that of bigger production of sugar in Cuba during the last years.

Cuevas convoked to carry out an efficient campaign 2007-2008, for which it is indispensable to jump the difficulties, such as the fact of cutting sugar cane of the previous harvest and to transport the raw material by roads damaged by the tropical storm Noel.

This year one of the main successes in Las Tunas was to achieve a children mortality rate of 4. 54 deaths per each thousand born alive, the distribution of 790,, 000 electrical appliances and the self-consumption of milk in five of the eight municipalities of the territory.


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