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Poetry and poets in a new web site
The web site Words of the World, the network of poets In Defense of humanity, was inaugurated in the Dulce María Loynaz Cultural Center with the presence of the minister for Culture, the writer Abel Prieto.

The presentation coincided with the 97th anniversary of the birth of the poet José Lezama Lima, one of the giants of Cuban literature and it included the presence of famous writers, among them Nancy Morejón, César López and Antón Arrufat.

After typing or you may access the section Entre el clavel y la espada (Among the carnation and the sword) related to the generation of Spanish poets known as the Generation of 1927, who held strong links with Cuba.

Poems, essays of important signatures and images are available for those interested, assured the poet Aitana Alberti, the daughter of one of the key creators of that generation, Rafael Alberti.

Aitana Alberti was one of the driving figures in that project that reserved a space fot Cuban poetry, African poetry, a world sample, texts related to Ernesto Guevara and against war.

There was also a section conceived for the poetry of the countries from origin, in their original language in which they were created as well as in Spanish.

The site, developed by Cubarte, will increase its size step by step, assured the organizers, and it will open to interactive forums, to new poets who could wish to incorporate their texts (under the sight of a selection committee), and to a gallery, whose first sight will be a project that José Gómez Fresquet (Frémez) dedicated to the Chilean writer Pablo Neruda.


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