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Queen Sofia, of Spain, presented Havana historian Eusebio Leal Spengler with the "Reina Sofia International Award" in the category of Cultural Heritage Preservation and Restoration.

The prize, granted annually for the rehabilitation and restoration of historic centers, was a unanimous decision of the jury which, Leal said, was motivated by the social undertaking in the revitalization of the Cuban capital's historical center known as Old Havana.

After receiving the prize in Madrid, Eusebio Leal said that "the award is actually a tribute to the people of Old Havana and the entire city of Havana, who have undertaken the restoration works in a social effort that,while not being perfect, expresses the best of our society."

Three months earlier, Eusebio Leal was the sole winner among a long list of candidates for the 2007 UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor for his many years of charismatic leadership and painstaking dedication to the restoration and conservation of the Historical Centre of Havana.


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