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Teacher: A dreams maker
He has the art to sow tenderness, to irradiate kindness and provoke admiration. The art to know how to reach his students heart and earn a place in them, recalling what The Little Prince would say: "What is essential is invisible to the eye".

He plants the seeds into the furrow of life and waters them with his loving sap until a leafy tree with bountiful fruits grows.

With his nimble and motivating performance he makes his pupils feel the wonders of knowledge as a gift no one can snatch.

Artist of infinite patience, he develops the praiseworthy labor of sharing his wisdom; no matter the place or the time, his promptness never waits.

He shows himself with the joy of those who give the best to the rest of the people, as a fantastic person that carries out the epic of teaching.

The teacher marks and guides our life with his fabulous experience, and even when one day would become a part of our past, we never get to forget him.

He prefers his pupils well-being rather than his, when are separated from the family, they find shelter in that empire where their teacher is the king.

Is erected as the sculptor that shapes with endless love and dedication the most dissimilar personalities, instructs and educates during his long path through generations, who make their dreams come true thanks to his guidance.


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