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Applied at Camagüey a Cuban-Vietnamese project related to the rice production.
A united project between both Cuban and Vietnamese governments, related to the rice production, works using sustainable methods and offers excellent results after two consecutive years of work at the province.

At being applied at harvesting areas of "Popular Movement", the program is mainly based on: how craps can be treated from early stages, soils improvement, and the developing of the transplanting process.

This year, popular and domestic rice farmers, chosen to carry out the program at the province, achieved an agricultural yielding of 9.3 tons per hectare, what represents the triple of what former workers achieved by using traditional techniques.

Thirteen popular farmers were selected at the territory, method that grew stronger from the middle 90s on. This program is also working at the five provinces of the eastern region.

Rafael Nieves, head of the program "Arroz Popular" (Popular Rice) at Camagüey, said that Vietnamese government insists in financing the program; what, on one hand, materializes the delivery of equipments such as: reaping and threshing machines.

Recently, both nations signed up the enlargement of the plan that includes its continuity and the possibility of introducing small and middle sized sheds and mills in many areas.

He also added that a workgroup of Rice Agroindustrial Complex "Ruta Invasora" built a copy of Vietnamese threshing machine that was satisfactorily tested.


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