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Photo Exhibition on Fidel Castro Opens in Holguin.
The photo exhibition "¡Yo tambien los quiero a ustedes! (I Love you too) on the presence of Fidel Castro in Holguin was opened this week in the Provincial Center of Fine Arts of this eastern province.

"It's probably an unprecedented exhibition, something unique. We are talking about a time we cannot imagine, captured through the lenses of artists from Holguin ", said Alexis Triana, director of the Provincial Culture Center at the opening ceremony.

The title of the exhibition relates to an expression by Fidel: I love you too!, in response to the cries of: Fidel we want you!, expressed by the people from Holguin at a rally that took place in this province on July 26, 2006.

It contains pictures of Fidel in front of the Caravan of Freedom, talking to people for the first time in the La Periquera building, at the inauguration of factories and schools, in the cane fields and chairing numerous patriotic events. There we can see Fidel, with his example as a flag, without surrender, exposed to whatever danger, the first in the trench.

The process of searching for, sorting, scanning, printing and editing of the pictures was provided by employees of the Provincial Council of Fine Arts, and Arts Center, and has enriched the heritage treasure with pictures of the leader of the Cuban people in his home town.

The exhibition of 167 pictures, which will be open until next January 15, is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Revolution./ Nelson A Rodriguez Roque


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