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The Sevilla Hotel, another Havana City architectonic artpiece, gets ready to celebrate its centennial next year. So, stating the way that tourism and culture can be perfectly linked, a number of cultural activities are being carried out by this facility.

This is a unique and quite beautiful idea, which although put into effect some months ago, it has not been spread as it should be. We mean the screening of silent films and early "talkies"in the lobby of that center.

As Olga Stolik, in charge of Cultural Relations of the Sevilla Hotel, every third Tuesday of each month a free screening is arranged in its lobby. The area resembles a yestertime cinema with its "ancient" projector. All this creates the old-time environment so carefully preserved by this touristic centre.

Its most recent screening was a number of silent comedies filmed in 1914 by the Cinema Maestro Charles Chaplin, we mean in his golden age. We completely agree with activities like this, because, undoubtedly, the Seventh Art is one of those cultural aspects which most contribute to create, and to recreate any historical epoch.

And concerning Chaplin`s comedies selection: Perfect!, because this Maestro still makes laugh and think either the younger as well as the elder generations, as well as those least socially and culturally developed social sectors.

If you think we are overrating Chaplin, let`s remember Octavio Cortàzar`s documentary Por primera vez (For the first time): an early 1960`s testimony, when cinema was taken to a far and remote spot of the Eastern Cuban mountain range. There, its inhabitants neither had electric light then, nor had watched a film in their whole lives... and they got all fascinated and talking marvelously about what they had just discovered: Charles Chaplin Cinema ("Modern Times" to be precise).

Because of all this we are sure that either the international tourists lodged in the Sevilla Hotel, as well as its visitors, will be pleased and will enjoy a nice time with this meeting with old times, being held to celebrate the centennial of a historic hotel engaged on keeping forever young.


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