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Reina Sofia Prize Awarded to Old Havana
Havana historian Dr. Eusebio Leal received the international Reina Sofia award for cultural patrimony conservation and restoration in the category of material patrimony, presented by Her Majesty the Queen last December 19th in Madrid.

The scroll of honor that represents the award was granted to Leal by Her Majesty the Queen during a ceremony celebrated at the headquarters of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation.

In a press conference, Havana historian Dr. Eusebio Leal said that the prize was awarded for the Old Havana Rehabilitation project. He highlighted the prestige of the award that on an Ibero-American and world level supports projects for the preservation of cultural heritage.

At the same time a Prize of same distinction was awarded to Ixchel del Traje Indígena Museum, in Guatemala in the category of intangible patrimony.

After receiving the award, Leal told Prensa Latina having felt very honored because "it is about a very beautiful and significant prize" and expressed that th Queen expressed a message of particular affect for Cuba.

He insisted in the fact that the coincidence of both prizes to Cuban capital and Ixchel Museum "means the reality of our America".

Leal said the work being undertaken to conserve the patrimony of Havana is a fundamentally social effort that, while not being perfect, "expresses the best of our society.

The conclusions of the jury recognize hat thw work done at Havana historic centre have been a factor of social and economic development of the community.

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