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The Publishing House of the UPEC is preparing over 50 teaching books

Over half a century of teaching books is preparing this year the Pablo de la Torriente Publishing House, of the Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (Association of Writers of Cuba) (UPEC) and 40 of them are already in press.

In this 22nd anniversary, the institution has a catalogue with over 500 titles, as well as a considerable number of magazines and comic books that have been quite an event in recent Book Fairs.

Among its merits the institution can proudly show not having stopped its work, not even in the worst moments of the special period, when it was the main source of books for the journalist students.

The first book Publisher by the Pablo de la Torriente Publishing House was El médico de la familia en la Sierra Maestra (The family doctor at the Sierra Maestra Mountains) by Marta Rojas. A topic continued for almost two decades with interviews to the Cuban personal who gave their collaboration in almost every continent of the world.

Antonio Moltó, vice-president of UPEC, emphasized in a ceremony at the Jose Marti International Journalism Institute that there has been 22 years of dreams and realizations in which several important aspects, such as the comics, were reintroduced.

He indicated that Pablo de la Torriente is still following a growing line, because the thinking and the creation is never interrupted and the dedication of its group is supported by the workers and printers of the Federico Engels and Alejo Carpentier press.

The Publishing House adapted to the new Technologies and has already over 100 titles of digital journalism, whose authors are mainly Cubans, such as Miriam Rodríguez Betancourt, Raúl Garcés, Margarita Alonso, Hilda Saladrigas and José Ramón Vidal.


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