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Cuba: sixty years educating blind people
The 60th anniversary of the first literacy campaign for blind people in Cuba has arrived. It was directed by blind educator Zacarías Alvisa and it was carried out by means of the radio, something that happened for the first time in Latin America, reported the Cuban News Agency.

Alvisa gave his classes on RHC Cadena Azul Radio Station and taught guide relatives and friends so they would help the visually impaired students.

A group of blind people learned the system of reading and writing with the hands by this method, among them Agustín Fernández, full professor of the University of Havana; José Monteagudo, current president of the Latin American Union of Blind People, and commentator Wilfredo Sosías.

During the literacy campaign in Cuba, in 1961, other visually impaired people learned the method and worked as teachers for people with the same condition, but the program was not ready yet to be extended to all the country.

The campaign was completed between 1979 and 1983, organized by the National Association for the Blind and the Ministry of Education. Another 1,544 visually impaired people were educated and the method was given an awarded by UNESCO.

Today, Cuba guarantees the education of all the visually impaired. Around 2,500 are studying in the different levels of education, and approximately 300 are in collage.

(Cuba News)

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