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A new space for the Latin American and Caribbean culture
The space "De contrabando", a new venue for reflection about the Latin American and Caribbean culture was opened at Havanas Casa de las Américas.

Famous experts of the Latin American and Caribbean culture exchanged ideas at the Manuel Galich hall about the intellectual from Barbados, George Lamming.

Lamming is a story teller and essay writer whose work is a reference in the English Caribbean literature. He is the author of novels such as En el castillo de mi piel (In the castle of my skin) and Partes de mi ser (Parts of me) edited by the Casa publishing house.

Cuban researchers and writers Nara Araújo, Margarita Mateo Palmer and Emilio Jorge Rodríguez took part in the debate.

In every one of the meetings it was analysed a topic related with the realities of the countries of the region. In each one of these meetings was also analysed a work of an author belonging to the Publishing Fund of Casa.

The main goal of "De contrabando" was to recognise the editorial work of this institution, reflected in the vast literary - artistic, scientific - social and bibliographic material that have been given to the readers for more than 40 years.

This new idea is part of the different actions made by Casa de las Américas to strength the knowledge of the identity of the peoples of the continent.


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