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The popular Cuban singer Pedrito Calvo, director of the orchestra La Justicia, made a successful visit to Bulgaria, as special guest to the First Cuban Salsa International Festival that was held at the most important fair ground of the Balkan country in the city of Plovdiv.

In one of the halls Pedrito made two successful presentations in front of more than 500 audiences, most of them young Bulgarians lovers of the Cuban rhythms. In the event also took part a Cuban dance couple who travelled to that country invited to dance. This couple shared the stage with other couples of Cuban who live in that European country.

Pedrito was also an honour guest of the "Casa de Cuba" in Plovdiv, a singular recreational centre decorated with tens of historic pictures and Cuban objects, where our musician sang, danced and shared his time with his characteristic sympathy, with a group of the people who took part in his concert.

The Cuban singer closed his visit to the Bulgarian capital with several exchanges with the press. He gave two TV interviews, one in the life program Elegante of Channel 7 and another at the Seven Days Channel. He also gave an extensive interview to Boris Dankov, Chief of the Cultural Section of the Duma newspaper, considered the second in Bulgaria that was already published in the Saturday publication. Pedrito also gave an interview to the youth program Planeta Latino of the Cuban university radio broadcaster Alma Mater. In the two later interviews took part Camilo García, Director of Musicuba, who offered interesting information about the Cuban music, the negative impact of the blockade and the efforts made by Cuba to face it.


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