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Cuba and Africa Mark 30th Anniversary of Friendship Association
The 30th anniversary of the creation of the Cuba-Africa Friendship Association was commemorated last Saturday at the venue of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) in Havana.

During the ceremony, the ambassador of Congo in Cuba, Pascal Onguembyi, thanked the Cuban people and government for their permanent solidarity with the African people in all sectors.

He stressed the Cuban contribution to the independence of countries such as Angola, Ethiopia, Namibia, Guinea Bissau, South Africa and Congo as well as the presence of Cuban internationalists in some of those nations to fight against the discriminatory regime of the Apartheid.

Onguembyi said that scientific cooperation has an important place in this assistance. As a result, he noted, more than 5,850 people from several African countries have received scientific and technical
training in various sectors on the island.

He added that sectors such as health, education, sports and agriculture have also received the benefits of this cooperation.

The African diplomat recalled that Cuban doctors and other health
personnel making their contribution in Africa have performed more than 1.5 million operations and have treated more than 36 million patients in that continent.


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