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China, Cuba Enhance Public Health Co-op
In a meeting Tuesday presided over by Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu and Cuban Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas, China and Cuba declared their willingness to enhance public health cooperation, especially in ophthalmology.

In the two-hour Beijing meeting, the two ministers analyzed aspects of current and future collaboration between both nations, as well as medical care, production of medicines and professional training.

Cabrisas leads the Cuban delegation to the 20th session of the Intergovernmental Commission taking place in the Chinese capital this week to review what has been accomplished in 2007 and set aims for 2008.

The two countries created the China-Cuba Ophthalmologic Hospital in the capital of western Qinghai Province a year ago, where 34 Cuban specialists work with Asian physicians.

This collaboration will be augmented in the future with the opening of a second joint ophthalmology hospital in Hebi, Henan Province, some 311 miles south of Beijing.

Cabrisas' agenda also included meeting yesterday with Deputy Foreign Minister Li Jingzhan on bilateral ties, with leaders from the State Administration of Medicines and Food and executives from important Chinese corporations.


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