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Cuban cinematographic production in clear recovery
With over 30 feature film projects and documentaries for 2008, the Cuban cinematographic industry is in process of clear recovery, coincided executives of the sector.

During the next year there will be nine premieres, six more than in the current year, indicated in a press conference the production director of the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (Cuban Institute of Arts and Cinematographic Industry) (ICAIC, after its initials in Spanish), Isabel Prendes.

The following movies will be presented in the first semester of the year: Kangamba, by Rogelio París; Te espero en la eternidad, by Enrique Pineda Barnet; El viajero inmóvil, by Tomás Piard, and Los dioses rotos, by Ernesto Daranas, she precised.

The following movies will reach the screens in the second half of the year: El premio flaco, by Juan Carlos Cremata; Rojo Vivo, by Rebeca Chávez; Omertá, by Pável Giroud; 4 Hechizos, by Esteban García Insausti, and El cuerno de la abundancia, by Juan Carlos Tabío.

Regarding the co-productions, Camilo Vives, who is in charge of this area at the ICAIC, mentioned a group of documentaries about the independence leaders of the Americas that must be completed during 2008 and 2009. These films will have Spanish financing.

The first of these movies will start the shooting in the first semester of next year and will be about the figure of the Cuban National Hero, José Martí. Script and direction will be made by the Cuban filmmaker Fernando Pérez.

When asked about the proliferation of productions related with musical themes, he assured it is fortuitous.

For the productions there are no predetermined topics, but in some environments, such as the musical, the existent funds in the ICAIC have an endless number of projects, he indicated.

On the other hand, the animation studios of ICAIC will start shooting Meñique, a work of Ernesto Padron, based in the homonymous story and with the music of Silvio Rodríguez.

ICAIC will also produce three new episodes about Fernanda, the small detective, the first five of Capitán Plan y la Isla del Coco and 15 video clips with children songs.

Together with the National Centre of Sexual Education will start the shooting of the series Pubertad (Puberty) as well as a short film using the plasticine technique based on the song 20 Años by María Teresa Vera.


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