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Cristina Hoyos, apotheosis at the Gran Teatro de La Habana
The first of the four functions of Viaje al Sur, the show of Cristina Hoyos and the Andalusia Flamenco Ballet is presenting at the Gran Teatro de La Habana (Great Theatre of Havana) received a long ovation of the lovers of the Spanish dance who packed the hall last week.

The show was a tour through every expressive possibility of flamenco: from the party that is living up to the pain and drama. The presentation is divided in three movements: Happiness, Tragedy and Passion. The show starts in bright colors in the first movement, passes to black in the second to finish in red in the third one.

Cristina and her company offer good flamenco, dancing with knowledge of the technique, passion, grace and spontaneity. At her age, Hoyos does not believe in tiredness: she is still one of the greatest dancers of the moment, one of the indispensable. She has a master class of good taste and expressiveness. Her stage presence is shocking: she resumes in every pose a tradition. Her performance is touching.

Cristina alternates her solos with the performances of the dance group and of other main dancers. There are no conflicts of prominence: it is a fluid and well balanced show. The choreographic design is dynamic and balanced. There is a careful job in the space distribution of he dancers, in the dialogue between the soloist and the group, in the transitions and in the entry and exit of the performers.

A special mention deserves the excellence of the singers and instrumentalists, who are much more than a simple accompaniment. Good taste and suggestion capacity is in the dress and set designs.

Viaje al sur was also on the stage of the Gran Teatro on Saturday and Sunday.


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