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Cuba to Spain Cooperation Meeting
The second State Meeting of Cooperation with Cuba began in the Spanish city of Bilbao Friday, to foster collaboration between the different actors of cooperation between Spain and Cuba.

The meeting was convoked by the Euskadi-Cuba Association to discuss ways to obtain better coooperation between institutions, public organizations and non-governmental organizations of Spain with Cuban entities.

Meeting promoters declared that a new vision for cooperation, as a right and a duty, based on equality to all the inhabitants of the world is necessary.

So a mode of cooperation is necessary that contributes to the Millennium Goals and promotes joint action of civil society, communities and national governments.

The topics to be discussed in Bilbao include food sovereignty, sugar re-conversion, environment, ecology and renewable energy.

Representatives of the Cuban Ministries of Sugar, Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration, and delegates from farmers, women, cultural and agricultural organizations will take part in the event.

Spain will be represented by Igor Irigoyen, director of Cooperation of the Basque government, delegates from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and from the Solidarity for Development and Peace.

Also, Mayors Angel Garcia (Oleiros) and Jose Antonio Barroso (Puerto Real), as well as Spanish journalist Jose Manzaneda, from digital Cubainformacion, and members of several Basque groups will take part.


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