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Cuba: Social Program Backs Workers in Sancti Spiritus
Since the very triumph of the Revolution, the Cuban government has dedicated part of the foodstuffs purchased abroad to supply the canteens in factories and other working centers throughout the island.

Recent reports reveal that every month, the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus earmarks over 600 tons of rice, beans, sugar, meat and oil, among others provisions, to be distributed in 722 canteens. Educational and health institutions are not considered in these figures.

According to local trade-union sources, over 50% of the 147 000 workers in Sancti Spiritus benefit themselves with this social program of the Revolution.

Recent government issues demand the solution for the food problem in those working centers where people had to eat out at lunch time.

Its worth noting that Cuba has defended this program despite the limitations of the US blockade on the island.


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