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Prizes at Havana Filmfest
Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas won Grand Coral for best long fiction film in Havana Festival with his movie "Luz silenciosa", achieving great mastery, said the jury.

Reygadas boasts audacity and innovative solutions that won him another Grand Coral: Best Art Direction.

The film also won Best Soundtrack (Raul Locatelli) and Photography Direction for Alexis Zabe.

The complete list of Prizes as follows: Grand Coral First Prize: "Luz silenciosa," by Carlos Reygadas (Mexico) Second Prize: "El ano que mis padres salieron de vacaciones," by Cao Hamburguer (Brazil).

Third Prize: "El otro", by Ariel Rotter (Argentina).

Special Jury Prize: "Madrigal," by Fernando Perez (Cuba).

Special Mention: "Fiestapatria," by Luis R Vera (Chile).

Opera Prima: "La casa de Alice, " by Chico Teixeira (Brazil).

Second Opera Prima: "Partes usadas", by Aaron Fernandez Lesur (Mexico).

Third Opera Prima: "Personal belongings," by Alejandro Brugues (Cuba).

Best Artistic Contribution: "El asaltante," by Pablo Fendrik (Argentina).

Mention of the Jury: "La leon," by Santiago Otheguy (Argentina).

Best Direction: Carlos Reygadas, in "Luz silenciosa" (Mexico).

Best Actor: Julio Chavez, in "El otro", Argentina.

Best Actress: Roxana Blanco, in "Matar a todos" (Uruguay).

Best Screenplay: Pablo Vierci, Daniel Henríquez y Alenadra Marino, por Matar a todos (Uruguay).

Best Photography: Alexis Zabe, in "Luz silenciosa" (Mexico).

Best Art Direction: Erick Grass, in "Madrigal" (Cuba).

Best Editing: Juan Carlos Macias, Mauricio Santos, Valentina Leduc and Natalia Bruschtein, in "Cobrador: In god we trust" (Mexico).

Best Original Music: Beto Villares, in "El ano que mis padres salieron de vacaciones" (Brazil).

Best Soundtrack: Raul Locatelli, in "Luz silenciosa" (Mexico).

Best Short Film: "Ver llover," by Elisa Miller (Mexico).

Special Mention to Short Film: "Siberia," by Renata Duque Lasio (Cuba).

First Grand Coral for Documentary Film: "El telon de azucar," by Camila Guzman (Chile).

Second Best Documentary Film: "Pucha vida," by Nazly Lopez Diaz (Colombia).

Third Best Documentary Film: "Sr Presidente," by Eugenia Monti and Liliana Arraya (Argentina).

Special Jury Prize: "Argentina latente," by Fernando Pino Solanas (Argentina).

Mention of the Jury: "Saba," by Gregorio Graziosi and Theresa Menezes (Brazil).

Best Work about Latin America, not by a Latin American (ex-aequo): "The man of tho Havanas, " by Vivien Lesnik Weisman (US) and "Quien soy yo, los niños encontrados de Argentina," by Estela Bravo (US).

Best Animation: "Vida Maria," by Marcio Ramos (Brazil).

Second Best Animation: "Quietud interrumpida," by Alexander Rodriguez (Cuba).

Third Best Animation: "Los pecadores," by Pablo Polledri (Argentina).


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