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New Latin American Films Studied
Philosophers, researchers and filmmakers joined in a seminar entitled Latin America: reality or utopia, to evaluate the social, political, cultural and economic context of where new Latin American Films are made.

Cultural life and artistic creation must be done within the framework of regional filmmaking to continue being new and culturally valid, Alfredo Guevara explained..

The president of the International Festival of the New Latin American Films holding its 29th event assured that it is a complex world which we confront and that forces us to rethink it.

I also consider it necessary to think constantly and act promptly "because, to some degree, we are losing time."

"I am almost a professional optimist," Guevara confessed expressing his confidence that "we will be able to find our way again and correct what can be corrected."

The Argentine philosopher, Nestor Kohan referred to the virtue of the process occurring in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by including the term socialism in the political agenda of popular movements.

It is certainly correct to question ourselves again about this social system, Kohan added, warning that there are many countries in South America that maintain accumulative capitalist, brutal and neo liberal processes.

The seminar agreed the road towards socialism of the 21st century and the revolutionary experiences of Latin America are part of the program of the Havana Film Festival.


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