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Argentinean films will appear with three new films in competition during the Havana Film Festival, two of them from two newly-graduated producers and two documentaries.

The full-length fiction films are The Lion from Santiago Otheguy and The Attacker from Pablo Fendrick, whose main character Arturo Goetz was awarded the best actor in Buenos Aires festival (BACIFI), 2007.

The producer Ana Kartz is facing a triple challenge with the film ó Una novia errante (Mistaken Fiancée) for directing, sharing the screenplay and playing the main character.

The prize-winning film, Movie in Construction in San Sebastian, tells the relations between two youngsters whose life changes after they meet on a bus.

The Argentinean will have the Uruguayan Esteban Schroeder (Kill Everybody), the Bolivian Rodrigo Bellor (Who Killed the White Flame?), and the Chilean Roberto Atiagoitia (Radio Heart) as opponents.

Meanwhile an international forum was held on Childhood and its Audiovisual Universe, in which the UNICEF representative Juan Jose Ortiz, affirmed that the industry of consumption is an evil that affects teenagers worldwide.


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