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About 100 Peruvian women demanded on Monday that the US Embassy in Lima grant entry visas to the wives of two of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters serving time in US prisons.

The Peruvian women presented 120 petitions for visas for Olga and Adriana, the wives of Rene Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez, respectively.

Despite hostility by police and private guards from the embassy, the petitioners challenged the diplomatic officials' refusal to receive the petitions.

The women were wearing flowered t-shirts bearing the photos of the Cuban Five, as they are known internationally, who were arrested nine years ago and were sentenced in a tried that has been strongly questioned by lawyers and human rights organizations from all over the world.

Called by the Peruvian Committee of Solidarity with the Five Cuban Prisoners, the petitioners also released five white pigeons that symbolize their demand for freedom for The Five.

Present at the rally were journalist Vilma Garcia, painter Fanny Palacios and academic Nadia Poleskis, as well as the leaders of the Youth Committee of Solidarity with The Five, Ilarek Chavez and Alejandra Ramirez.

Peruvian Committee President Gustavo Espinosa congratulated the women for their gesture of solidarity and urged them to continue their struggle until the five Cuban prisoners are released.

The event was Peru's contribution to the International Campaign sponsored by the Latin American Solidarity Network, which was created in Quito, Ecuador, recently, within the framework of the Fifth Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and The Five.


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