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The US government incited and sponsored new provocations against the Cuban people's dignity, which took place in two sites of this capital, Granma newspaper reports Tuesday.

The daily states that a small group of women known for their close links to US authorities and the Interest Section of that northern country in Havana staged a rally Sunday, supported by people who came especially from abroad.

The following day, another small group orchestrated a similar demonstration at the Villalon Park, in Vedado neighborhood, in front of the "Amadeo Roldan" Theater.

Granma highlights that on both occasions, workers, students, neighbors and people in general gave a convincing response to those elements on the base of humanist and ethical principles.

The daily stresses that behind those actions, whose pretext was the celebration of the International Human Rights Day, is the frenetic subversive activity the Bush administration has carried out against Cuba.

Throughout the year, officials from the Interest Section have had over 300 contacts with mercenary elements with which the White House wishes to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

In the last weeks, through diverse ways, including radio stations and websites specially designed to undermine the bases of the Cuban society, several proclamations and calls were revealed aimed at turning December 10 into a false propaganda act.


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