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US documentary maker Estela Bravo is to present for a first time in this festival a documentary on the search for kidnapped children during the 1976-1983 Argentinean military dictatorship.

The film, entitled ¿Quién soy yo?, is the continuity of the Argentinean film Missing Children, shot in 1984.

Bravo told Prensa Latina that the movie presents four of 500 children delivered to friends of soldiers who tortured and murdered their parents, who have been found by the grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

" These are traumatic processes, difficult to be assimilated, being brought up by those who killed their relatives," she said.

The documentary maker stated that this was one of the most complex projects for the stories of their protagonists.

The latter of 88 people found so far is called Belen, 29, who was brought up with an adoptive family and appears in the film.

Quién soy yo? is one of the 27 documentaries in competition for a Coral award in the festival, to be run until December 14th.


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