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Versatile female photographer Chiara Samugheo left 60 of her photo portraits on show at the Union Latina gallery, of Old Havana, with the opening of her personal exhibit The Stars of the Great Italian Cinema in the Culture Week of that country on the Island.

The photographer of movie stars -as she has often been defined- delights us with original pictures of Dorian Grey, Federico Fellini, Annie Girardeau with Gianmaria Volonte, Gina Lollobrigida with Vittorio Gassman, Dario Fo with Franca Rame, as well as very beautiful expressions from Lea Massari, Erika Blanc, Claudia Cardinales, Sophia Loren or Ugo Tognazzi...

Perspective witness of her time, implacable eye of the social reality from the 50-60 years, Chiara has specialized in portraits of world cinema actors and actresses, but she particularly managed to take photos of the great Italian divas from the '60s and '70s, golden period of cinema in her country.

Wed better say that Chiara is the star of photographs, as she was labelled by Domenico Vecchioni, Ambassdor of Italy to Cuba, who argued "In her photo portraits she not only lights up the external aspect of the individual but also takes with the photographic art the internal face of the character".

Invited to the Italian Culture Week in Cuba, Samugheo is called the greatest Italian photographer in the present day. She has made over 165 000 negatives, without counting the international magazines that have shown her photos on the cover.

"In 2003, she carried out her successful Niza Project, dedicated to Claudia Cardinales", recalled the diplomat at the opening ceremony of the excellent exhibition.

Now, the professional eye of the artist is not inactive, I am sure shes looking, in this city of columns, for cars, expressions, gestures for her new works starting from that mysterious and intrinsic quality so-called photogenie.


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