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Eight years alter the Commitee of World Patrimony declared Viñales as Cultural Landscape of Humanity, this place of the western Cuba is becoming a reference to Latin America and the Caribbean.

This was corroborated to Prensa Latina by Nidia Cabrera, Provincial Director of the Monument Office, the responsible organism of the administration of this place.

According to Nidia, Viñales is not only the first Cultural Landscape of Latin America, but its plan and experiences are reference for other areas.

She declared that this means a bigger compromise and therefore the authorities and population are joining efforts in the preservation of the honorific title.

We are seeing an increase in the sensibility towards that topic, stated Cabrera during the celebrations that are being held here in honour of the anniversary and that includes the launching of the book, Viñales, un paisaje a preservar.

About eight places in Cuba are in the list of the UNESCO World patrimony, list that takes into account those places with unique and exceptional characteristics.

The proposal of Viñales as Cultural Landscape took into account the perfect adaptation between the town and its environment.

The proposal also took into account the speology values and the fact of having Microcycas Calocoma, a plant that is considered a living fossil.


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