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Attorney Leonard Weinglass, leading the group that represent the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unfairly imprisoned in US, concluded a successful visit to the United Kingdom in favor of the release of his defendants.

According to Friday's reports from the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba, promoter of the 10-day tour, Weinglass captivated audiences in several parts of Great Britain, informing on the current situation of the Five.

The aim of this visit was to increase international support for these men to pressure the US government for their release.

Weinglass had of a series of high-profile meetings and encounters with several Britain politicians, included deputies from the House of Commons, and said that the day for the release of the Cuban Five, who have been nine years in jail, will arrive.

Representative of Antonio Guerrero, Weinglass stated that the foundation of this case is that the United States uses its judiciary system with political purposes to continue hostility against Cuba.

The Five were sentenced due to the pressure of the anti-Cuban Mafia in Miami, also determinant in a political process like this.

The lawyer pointed out that the US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit in Atlanta is analyzing the case in what has been termed a critical moment of the process.

Weinglass said that 110 deputies inked a motion of support for the freedom of the Five, demanding the US government concede them the right to receive visits from their wives and other relatives.


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