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The Havana Film Festival will have this year famous guests, such as the German actress Hanna Schygulla and the Spanish actor Javier Bardem, whose wide interpretative register have gibing him the qualifying The Chamaleon.

Together with them will be the famous cinema actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, who became famous with the brave and polemic film Tu mama tambien.

The Festival, with 500 movies and 121 of them in competition, started the 4th of December with a gala at the Havana theatre Karl Marx with the Argentinean musician Fito Paez who made a show, as all his shows, spattered with irreverent humour.

Paez will also compete in the Festival with his second movie as a director ¿De quién es el portaligas?. The first one was La balada de la Donna Helena.

The Festival is having a surprise in its guest list, a hidden filmmaker, a heavy weight of the seventh art whose name is kept secret, but there are signs that allow getting closer to the enigma.

One of his recent movies won awards in European festivals and created bitterness with a hot topic that is in the middle of the world's current events.

From the 4th and until the 14th of December, Cuba will be in the hands of the cinema and will be a giant screen that will be extended to all the provincial capitals and several municipalities.


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