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The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MINREX) of Cuba states Friday in a declaration its deep satisfaction with the friendship, respect and cooperation with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

By celebrating the Cuba-Caricom Day December 8, the island feels a great confidence in the continuous and subsequent development of those exemplary ties, which have been greatly multiplied, the text stresses.

Published by "Granma" newspaper, the document recalls that tomorrow marks the 35th anniversary of the moment in which Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago decided to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba.

The report emphasizes that those nations, in a brave gesture, challenged the policy of isolation imposed by United States against the Cubans in the Latin American and Caribbean environment.

The four English-speaking countries had been then the only ones to enjoy their independence. Years later, other Caribbean states have conquered freedom and also established relations with Cuba, states the MINREX declaration.

The article underlines that the Caribbean brother countries have repeatedly expressed their firm position against the US blockade not only at the UN but also in other international forums.

The declaration recalls Cuban President Fidel Castro's words in the Second Cuba-CARICOM Summit held in Barbados in December 2005.

"To selfish neoliberal globalization and the anti-democratic political and international economic order we must respond with unity, globalization of solidarity, promotion of dialogue, integration and genuine cooperation," the statesman said then.

Over 2,800 CARICOM youth have graduated in Cuba, about 2,900 students from that regional group are studying in this country. Almost 1,400 of them study medicine, and over 4 million Caribbean patients have been assisted by Cuban physicians since 1996.

Cuba also shares experiences with the Caribbean countries in several areas, like protection of environment, saving energy and preventing natural disasters.


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