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Next year, the centennial of the Cuban magazine Bohemia the oldest one in Latin America, has the spirit of becoming the festivity of the Cuban national press, due to its history and the way it is received by the people, stated his director José R. Fernández Vega.

He said that the publication has been the main character of the most important events of the 20th century, and speaker of Cuban revolutionary movements before 1959, and it has been "a stronghold of national identity" as Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, named it.

Pedro Hernández, coordinator of the program aimed to commemorate the anniversary, told the press that one of the most important actions has been the strenghtening and retrieval of the opinion work became official through the officialized editorial column, the section on Josè Martí and the one on graphic political humour.

These elements have historically distinguished the magazine which became organ of compulsory reference from the creation of its section En Cuba , considered by some critics as the cradle of researching journalism, since 1943.

Hernández remarked the colloquium to be held next February, on Bohemia work during the neocolonial republic, emphasizing in relevant journalists, such as Enrique de la Osa and Guido García Inclán, who worked in it

He added that there is a project consisting on a documentary commemorating its 100 years of existence, a multimedia, and the interactive forum Bohemia in three times: yesterday, today and tomorrow, plus a 160-page special edition including the best works published along its history.

He emphasized on the internal importance of the work being carried out for preserving its fund heritage, the cultural and professional increasing of its personnel and redesigning its website, searching for a better image.

Dixie Edith Trinquete, in charge of Culture and History Department, made us known that a readers'contest - Bohemia in my life- aimed to chidren, youngsters and adults of any country, has been summoned within the centennial program. It follows the magazine aim of linking to the population through cultural quest.


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