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"The US public has been misled into believing that Luis Posada Carriles is only accused for masterminding the blowing up in mid air of a Cuban airliner in 1976 that killed all 73 passengers aboard," but he has done much worse than that. He is a torturer who has trained other torturers," said Canadian journalist Jean-Guy Allard.

In statements published by Granma Daily today, the author of "Posada Carriles, Four Decades of Terror" says this book is merely a chapter in a bigger story.

"Going back in time, the first anti-Cuba terrorist group was organized in January 1959 by Rafael Diaz-Balart, father of the US Congressman Lincoln Diaz- Balart. Under his command, La Rosa Blanca (The White Rose) organized the first attacks with bombs in Havana," commented Allard. Regarding the source for his work, Allard said he has found a lot in the Internet; besides, he has been to Venezuela and interviewed some of Posada's victims. He was also a witness at the preliminary hearing held in Panama and later in the trial.

"All this information gathered makes the book a good read, although
there is still much to be uncovered" says the author. "It is a way to
unmask the terrorist background of Luis Posada Carriles, the man who isn't on the US most wanted list because of a supposed 'lack of


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