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The autonomous community of Galicia, the honor guests to the XVII International Book fair of Havana in February 2008 is preparing a wide representation of their culture, was known in the literary meeting in Guadalajara.

Angela Bugallo, Cultural and sport adviser of the Galicia Board was inserted in the program of the XXI Book Fair of that Mexican city, together with Ariadne Plasencia, vice-president of the Cuban Book Institute and was in the presentation of the book part of the biggest island of the Caribbean.

According to reports of several press agencies, the Galician executive indicated that they will bring to Cuba, a privileged place, a selection of works, authors specific publications, cultural activities and exhibitions.

She indicated that in the already famous Cuban party of the popular book and lecture will take part important contemporary Galician writers and will present two bilingual anthologies of the Galician poetry and two narrative ones.

The vice-president of the Book Institute indicated that the Havana event will be dedicated to two important figures of the Cuban literature: Graziella Pogolotti and Antón Arrufat.

The Caribbean island has participated at the Guadalajara event, the most important of its type in the region, with titles published by a dozen of publishing houses and six writers took with them their poetry and narrative, most of them, award winners in recent national events.

According to the agenda, it was presented at the Jose Marti Cuban - Mexican Institute the title Desde la soledad y la esperanza, written by a group of writers dedicated to the Five antiterrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in USA.

There will be also presented the resent edition of the book Cien horas con Fidel, written by the Hispanic - French writer Ignacio Ramonet, a book a great international impact for its revelations ant the treatment given by the Cuban leader to current event s in the world.

The journalist and writer Marta Rojas will present in Guadalajara her novels El harén de Oviedo and Santa lujuria that were edited in Cuba. The XXI Guadalajara Fair has been dedicated to Colombia, a nation that has impacted due to the tributes to two of their most important writers, Alvaro Mutis, Cervantes Award Winner and Gabriel García Márquez, Literature Nobel Price winners.


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