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Two hundred and eighty five new art instructors have just graduated in Santiago de Cuba province, distant one thousand kilometres of Havana. Its highest aim is that the Cuban schools will become the most important cultural centre of each community.

These young graduates finished four years of intense preparation and committed to restlessly work anywhere, serving the all Cuban cultural offensive. This happened in the Heredia theatre, before their relatives, professors and leaders of the Santiago de Cuba territory.

Lisett Hernández, director of the Pepito Tey Provincial School of Art Instructors, explained the learning program and detailed the graduates in music, theatre, visual arts and dance adding that they can continue their studies in the countries' universities .

The young Abel Nina Marcó, was the most comprehensive graduate with 100 points academic marks. He read the compromise emphasizing the value of their work.

This Fourth graduation of Art Instructors from the South eastern Cuban region is dedicated to the 51st anniversary of Santiago de Cuba outbreak, in November 30th, 1956, aimed to support the landing of Granma yatch, where 82 combatants were ready to join the armed struggle, headed by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

Precisely the Santiago de Cuba School of Art Instructors is named after Pepito Tey, one of the corageous young combatants died in that action together with Tony Alomá and Otto Parellada. Inspired in their example the graduates of these unique educational centre - already 900 in its four graduations - has the great responsibility of increasing the artisitc level and the aesthetic taste of the Cubans, anywhere in the country.

(Radio Rebelde)

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