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The Cuban film maker Juan Carlos Tabío began shooting a new comedy, El cuerno de la abundancia (The horn of abundancy), with Jorge Perugoría, Mirta Ibarra and Vladimir Cruz, who lead a cast of more than thirty actors.

Among them are Enrique Molina ( El Benny ), Laura de la Uz ( Madagascar ) and Tahímí Alvariño, who has worked with him on previous occasions.

The movie, a joint production between the Cuban Movie Institute and the Spanish Company Tornasol Films, takes place is a small imaginary town from the countryside, Yaragüey, where the Castiñeiras family find out that they may inherit a millionaire inheritance.

The shock of the news destabilizes the family, which is completely dedicated to the reclamation procedures. Some of its members are indebted with amazing sums. The life of the entire town is turned upside down.

With a script written by Tabío and his compatriot the novel and short story writer Arturo Arango, the shooting of El cuerno de la abundancia , is located in the capital neighbourhoods of Vedado and Arroyo Arenas as well as other neighbourhoods from Havana province.

According to sources from the Instituto de Cine (Movie Institute), the shooting will last eight weeks.

The most recent movie by Tabío was Lista de espera (Waiting list), with the participation of Perugorría in one of the most celebrated roles in his career, since Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate), a pragmatic movie directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Tabío.


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