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The candidates for deputies to the national and provincial Assemblies of the Cuban People's Power are holding meetings Wednesday with the population to exchange opinions.

The second stage of the general elections will conclude January 20, when voters will vote for those who will form the top parliamentary bodies in the island.

Among activities are to visit to labor and student centers, and communities in their municipalities of birth, with the aim of learning people demands, as well as share experiences and possible solutions.

Delegates elected in the first stage in the country's 169 municipalities named the candidates for the seats in the national and provincial assemblies of the Peoples' Power for a five-year term, ó Granma ó newspaper reported.

As established the Electoral Law, the publication of photos and biographies of the 614 aspirants for the National Assembly of People's Power and the 1,201 for the provincial assemblies also started these days.

Those men and women were elected December 2 by the delegates elected in the first stage of elections, who in a 50-percent proportion form the current candidature for the Parliament.


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