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The Special Teaching in the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas guarantees an integral education to more than 2, 000 children and youths, as part of the actions that Cuba develops for their general reincorporation to the society and to celebrate this Monday the Handicapped People's Day.

Fredesvinda Lindice Velásquez, coordinator of the Special Education in the territory, about 670 kilometers to the east of Havana, stated that the twenty teaching centers of this type have been benefitted with the use of the videos, TV-sets and computers, to support the learning and the cultural level of the students.

"More than 800 teachers, psycho-educators, psychotherapists, among other specialists support the teaching-learning process of the handicapped people, so that they acquire dexterities, total independence and security", Lindice Velásquez underlined.

This education system counts on students from six to 21 years old and takes into account the kind of handicap they have. Once graduated, they go to the General Teaching or begin to work.

Significant in this teaching is the ambulatory specialized attention offered to 142 handicapped people in their homes, besides the generalization of projects like Disímil (Dissimilar) dedicated to the cultural traning of its members, as well as the participation in Paralympics Games.

In Las Tunas the Special Teaching has developed a wide program of activities to celebrate the Handicapped Peole's Day, such as competitions of drawings, activities for children together with their relatives to guarantee a better coexistence and the students' attention.

Cuba carries out the preventive work in 190 Centers for Diagnosis and Orientation, which guarantees a correct evaluation of the special educational necessities from early age, and this way to offer a systematic attention to each one.


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