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José Alvarez, the magician Ayra, restated in this city, 67 kms East of Havana City, the importance of the "Ànfora" ("Amphor") International Magics Festival, summoned from this province, as the only contest event for Cuban ilusionists.

Ayra, remembered in the Cuban TV for his presence in the Créalo o no lo crea (Believe itor not) short features, regularly attends the event, which celebrated its tenth edition this year, and which he considers as necessary to keep on celebrating, even biennally, to allow a better forming to the Cuban magicians.

Concerning what was staged in Las Tunas, Ayra, professor of the School of Magics of Santiago de Cuba, the oldest of the country, and from the Areíto Magics Festival, considers this a raising moment in quality for magics in Cuba, by staging better conceived shows and stronger contests in each and every magics modality.

A magisterial lecture on cards was delivered by Magician Ayra as part of the colloquium "La magia arte milenario" ("Magics, millenary art"), theoretical session of the event.

Last week Friday was the Great Illusions'Night which staged a main show in Las Tunas theater featuring ilusionists from different partts of the Island, and the following day the Soñar despierto (Daydreaming) company performed its Latin Magics show, one of the most expected.

More than a hundred magicians met in the Ánfora Festival plus an Spanish guest, Magician Juan Roldán, as well as companies from Matanzas, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba, Havana City, Camagüey and its host: Huracán Mágico (Magic Hurricane).


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