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79 delegates to the Province Assembly, and 45 deputies that will represent Camagüey at the Cuban Parliament, will be nominated tomorrow at extraordinary simultaneous sessions in the 13 government local bodies, a determinant process in the general suffrages to happen on January 20th 2008.

Previously, the commissions form municipalities and from the provincial body gave personal conferences to the 1010 elected delegates during the first stage, where there were exchanged points of view related to the proposals of candidates, who will be active for a five- year period.

207 delegates to the Municipal Assembly of Camagüey will agree the delegates candidature projects to the provincial body and to the parliament of this populated territory in a morning extraordinary session at la Escuela del Partido "Cándido González Morales".

From this Monday on, nominates biographical reviews and pictures will be set at the busiest public places in neighborhoods and rural areas of the province, where also they will speak to people.


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