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Just few more than a hundred films from all over the continent will be screened next December, and 20 of them will contest for the Coral Award of the New Latin American Film Festival.

This event, scheduled from December 4th to 14th, will project Latin America film productions showing that "retrieving of our wealths, accepting our diversities confer something special to the Festival" as expressed the Cuban film maker Alfredo Guevara, president of the Organizing Committee and one of the leading founders of the event in its 29th edition.

Twenty long feature fiction film will contest, being among them: "Cobrador: In God we trust" from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Great Britain and Brazil, directed by Paul Leduc and "El Otro" ("The Other") by Ariel Rotter, coproduced by Argentina, France and Germany.

Alfredo Guevara, who was active leader of the Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios (University Students Federation) in the 1940`s, together with president Fidel Castro, stated in the press conference that :"It will be again another invasión of young film makers"

Brazilian and Mexican are mostly among the 22 short feature fiction films to be screeneed.

Among the documentaries outstands "Argentina Latente" by Fernando Solas, besides others made in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador and Mexico.

Cuba and Brasil contest with the greatest amount of animated.

Alfredo Guevara considered that no less than 500,000 espectatorswill attend the Cuban cinema halls which will screend some 500 filmworks (including documentaries, animated, short feature fiction films.)

A Latin American panorama parallel to the festival with 21 works such as "El Salto de Christian" by Eduardo Calcagno (Argentina) and "Mujeres en el acto" by Gabriel Retes (Mexico) will also take place.

Showcases from Germany, Canada, Spain, England, Italy, Norway, Switzerland and from Latin film makers residing in U.S.A. will also be held.


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