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Havana has just become the seat of the IV National Meeting of Symphonic Orchestras that, under the sponsorship of the Cuban Institute of Music and the National Centre of Concert Music, gathered together ten groups of this kind of music, from all over the country.

Several commemorations motivated their activities and the selection of the program: the 180 anniversary of the death of Ludwig van Beethoven, 75 years of the birth date of Manuel Duchesne Cuzán and the 90 years of Félix Guerrero, as well as the 45 anniversary of the foundation of the National Art School.

In the short period of time that went by since the first edition, our symphonic groups have notably increased their artistic development. When in 2004, there were some movements of some orchestras or the programs were completed with some less difficult and professional scores, today the repertoire shows very complex works and cycles.

All this fill us with gratitude, while we perceive the eagerness of playing, in the way the attitude musicians assume on the stage, showing empathy, complicity and communication with the music and the public that appreciate it.

This edition is not only a higher step towards the maturity, but also in the consolidation of the symphonic movement, while, fir the first time, four young groups with similar levels to the professional orchestras were presented. This way it is assured the future that is from nowadays renewing.

I think the way transited during this time is worth admiration and recognition, if we have into account, also, the unfavourable conditions our musicians face in a daily basis, by not having adequate rehearsal places and efficient instruments. Notwithstanding that the rigor and the preparation were very conscientious, showing surprising results.

I Would like to make a stop in a point that I believe is very important and that could escape if we imbue ourselves or led us be carried out by these achievements, the problem is that most of the provincial orchestras reflected the work that carried out for the symphonic meeting and not the work they are doing during the whole year

In some cases the volume was bigger than the real, due to the inclusion of children and teenage who are studying at the schools and conservatoires of the territories, which I consider great if we value the importance to the children to be part of an symphonic orchestra.

But, why cant we have this kina of experiences at least five times a year in their own provinces? That would help to increase the level of the groups and of the symphonic music in the country. Then we can speak about a higher level to the development of our orchestras and the National Meeting would not be an unreachable ideal and even an event not very truthful.

Anyway, it was showed how much can be achieved with such a talent and dedication. The event, from its initial call, has become one of the most important and necessary good decisions in the Cuban musical panorama. Therefore, I reclaim a strong ovation for the organizers and executers, it means institutions, directors and musicians, who keep these orchestras alive, which is the same as to keep alive the great music of all times.


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