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The movie "La edad de la Peseta" won the public award at the Cero Latitud Festival and was nominated to the Goya award of the Spanish Cinema Academy in the category of best foreign film in Spanish language.

The Cuban - Spanish co-production that competes at the Cero Latitud Festival in Quito, Ecuador, is one of the nine Latin American movies chosen to compete for the Goya award.

Among the nominated movies that will be delivered next February are also Postales de Leningrado (Venezuela - Peru), directed by Mariana Rondón, a graduate from the International Cinema and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños; El baño del Papa (France - Uruguay), by Enrique Fernandes and César Charlone and XXY (Argentina - Spain), by Lucia Puenzo.

These three titles, together with La edad de la peseta, are competing at the Iberian - American Festival of Huelva (south of Spain) were these nominations were made public.

Besides the four mentioned films, Cobrador, In god we trust (México), by Paul Leduc, El colombian dream (Colombia), by Felipe Aljure, Mariposa negra (Perú), by Francisco J. Lombardi; Padre Nuestro (Chile), by Christopher Zalla and Yuniol (Dominican Republic) by Alfonso Rodríguez are also cometing for the Goya award.

At the Cero Latitud Festival, apart from the public award won by La edad de la peseta, also won El baño del Papa (César Charlone y Enrique Fernández, best Latin Americna feature film); La vía láctea (Lina Chamie - Brasil, Special Jury award) and La soledad (Jaime Rosales - Spain, Critic and Press Award).


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