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The X Competition of Young jazz players, Jojazz, will be a space of meeting, development and promotion of the young talents, formed by the System of Artistic Teaching in Cuba and lovers of the Jazz. The event will be held in Havana from te 29th of November until the 2nd of December.

Musicians from 16 up to 30 years old will show their technical and musical conditions in the competition that will be held at the Auditórium Amadeo Roldán theatre and the Mella theatre. Mella theatre, informed Isela Vistel Columbié, director of the National Centre of Popular Music, will be the venue of the opening and closure ceremonies.

The importance of the artistic teaching as a fundamental element of the development and evolution of the young jazz players is the topic of the event that for the third time includes the category Composition, with the participation of 36 musicians.
The category Interpretation will have 20 musicians, all of them from the Ciudad de La Habana, Ciego de Avila, Camaguey and Holguín provinces; there will be the foreign presence of young jazz players from Mexico and Japan. The jury will be presided over by the producer Joaquín Betancourt and the saxophonist Orlando Sánchez.

The Jojazz is promising in its tenth edition. The impressive technical control and the virtuosity of the improvisations will characterise this Festival, which from its beginnings have counted with over one thousand musicians, some of them winners of international competitions, such as Rolando Luna and Harold López-Nussa, winners of te Jazz Piano Solo competition in Montreux, Switzerland, commented to the press Alexis Vázquez, member of the management of the event called by the National Centre of Popular Music.

Gloria Ochoa, of the Colibrí company, informed that that publishing house has produced eight records of musicians who are taking part in the event and will edit a collective DVD of the first part of the competition. This DVD will include recorded concerts, as well as a book with works of the creators.

A great Jazz Band, directed by Joaquín Betancourt will play themes of a group that was an event in their time: the Cuban Orchestra of Modern Music that in this 2007 is becoming 40 years old. Other groups, winners of previous events will also play in the event, such as Big Band Ribe, from Denmark. Also in the event young pianist will offer a concert in honour of the Cuban Ernesto Lecuona.

Harmony workshop and a colloquium are also part of the program of the Competition of Young Jazz players, Jojazz.


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