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Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada highlighted, from this Pinar del Rio city, the rigorous work taking place in the newly elected municipal assemblies to nominate candidates for the January 20 National and Provincial Assembly elections.

The National Candidature Commission report in Granma daily on Monday informs that the 1,291 members of provincial assemblies and 614 members of the National Assembly will emerge from the pool of over 55,000 newly-elected delegates nationwide.

Nominations began mid-September at the grassroots level with mass organizations CTC, CDR, FMC, ANAP, FEEM and FEU committees that will nominate people in their respective territories.

Municipalities joined later and will also submit their nominees since 50 percent of delegates in the provincial or the National Assembly must have been elected at the municipal level.

Maximum care is being taken to avoid both local and sectarian favoritism, and the number of delegates and legislators must be in line with population density.

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