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Dr Armando Hart Dávalos, president of the José Martí Cultural Society, imparted a masterly conference at the Marta Abreu University (UCLV), where he talked about the meetings points in the thinking of the Cuban José Martí and the Italian Antonio Gramsci, a XX century theoretic of Marxism.

According to the opinion of Dr. Hart, there is a kind of invisible link, referring to a quote of Marti that links great men between each other as well as an indissoluble link between Latin America and Europe.

To search those relating points, from our Marti and the Italian Gramsci, was useful to the Cuban intellectual to support the role of the culture and of the ideas in defense of a liberating social project.

Hart, who is also an honor member of the Ernesto Guevara Department of the UCLV call the auditorium - mostly young students from different careers - to continue the search to find the forgotten in the thinking of both fighters.

The recognized Cuban intellectual called the audience to understand both revolutionary thinkers from a cultural point of view: "Jose Marti made art from the politics and synthesized as nobody else, the Cuban and universal culture, Gramsci, on the other hand centered his focus on the philosophical problems of the culture and made substantial contributions to the problematic of the intellectuals and their role in the transformations of the society".

The underlying value of the culture is in the justice, highlighted the lecturer, while sentenced that where the culture progress the justice advances, an ethical fundament of the thinking that guided both figures, who disappeared too early for defending just causes, the independence of their respective countries.

In Jose Marti we have the peak of the revolutionary thinking of the second half of the American XIX century and in Antonio Gramsci one of the great socialist thinkers of the XX century. Hart Davalos, qualified Gramsci as the Marxist figure with the greatest intellectual caliber, after the death of Lenin.

The theoretical reflections caused an interesting debate between the participants and the lecturer, who asked the UCLV to establish theoretical reflections with European universities, especially Spanish ones, about the emancipating role of the culture.

Dr. Ramón Saborido Loide, rector of the university, qualified as a great honor for the UCLV to have had the privilege of having the wise words of a guerrilla in the avant-garde of the Cuban and universal thinking.

Finally the Federation of University Students (FEU, after its initials in Spanish) - by its UCLV president, gave Dr. Armando Hart Dávalos the Distinction of the 85 Anniversary of FEU, a gesture the lecturer thanked.

Together with the president of the Jose Marti Cultural Society was Fernando Vecino Alegret PhD, who was minister of Higher Education during 20 consecutive years.

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