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Up to the present, sixteen American and Asian countries have confirmed their participation in the XI Feria Internacional de Artesanía (FIART) (11th International Handcraft Fair) which venue will be PABEXPO as usual. This facility has been totally repaired and will be reopened on ocassion of this event to be held from December 8th to 16th.

Handcraft, design and identity will be motto of FIART this year. It resumes the essential features of the event. According to the Organizing Committee aims the works to be promoted, through its exhibition must show handcraft techniques and skills, as expression of people`s identity and diversity.

This characterisitic constitutes the most important qualification within the selected pieces, because they must reflect the codes pertaining to the styles and languages depicted in the different handcraft expressions, also taking into account the emlematic features in casual evocations of Asian artistic creations.

Concerning design, it will be applied to the works always reflecting tradition and modernity, as well to get an environment able to outstand creations. All this can be appreciated also in the general showcase which will display works by institutions and individual artisans.

The hall dedicated to wood, fibers, iron and aluminium furniture was projected following the mentioned concept.

Ninety-four artisans specialized on ceramics, furniture, ironworks, shoemaking, costume jewellery, lamps, leathers, gadgets, textiles, fibers and still-life, will partipcate representing Havana City province.

FIART, just like in each one of its previous events, will foster promotion and commercialization of works and the exchange of experiences among creators and the public thorugh expo-sellings, workshops, fashion shows, collateral exhibitions and theoretical meetings. Besides a cultural programming showing several artisitic manifestations will be held.

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