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Rice farmers that are linked to the popular movement that it is developed in our country since the middle of the last decade, this year have already planted near 8 500 hectares in Camagüey, an area larger than that one taken into consideration.

The Division of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) informed that up to now near half of the harvest of this region yielded an approximately of 14 000 tons of the wet peeled grain.

Concerning some predictions, this year will close with a total collection higher to the number of 21 000 tons.

Rafael Nieves, boss of the program in the region, pointed out that lands yielding averages 2.9 tons for hectare, a record that is favored by the regular rains during this year.

The movement called "Arroz Popular" came up during the hardest stage of the Cuban Economy Special Period, by the middle of the 90s, when it was almost impossible to purchase at the world market because of low financial funds of the country and a decreasing in MINAG specialized companies harvests due to the lack of resources.

Grain harvesters mostly increase their plantations in small plots with irrigation systems included, and they work in all the agricultural units and also in small land portions offered as freed usufruct by the government.

At this time Camagüey has near 20 000 harvesters, who develop the practice using low inputs and who are advised by MINAG specialists.

The destination of its productions goes fundamentally to self supply the familiar necessities and to sale for Agricultural State Markets and for the Domestic Trade Ministry.

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